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Johns Hopkins did a study in January of 2019. It revealed that only 20% of OB/GYN doctors are comfortable talking about menopause. Another study revealed that only 20% of women experiencing menopause or peri-menopause understand what's happening and what opportunities exist to mitigate some of the changes/ discomfort both physical and mental. These two stats are staggering AND related. The story here is about women, shame and a new wave of interest in menopause. We need to change the narrative by creating the NEW narrative.



Join The Pause Network by submitting a quick application via the form above. As the Pause Pod Blast tours the country, we will be promoting local markets, local doctors, local efforts to elevate this conversation and give women clear options. Members of the Pause Network will help shape the GLOBAL conversation. We are looking for journalists, doctors, podcasters, thought leaders - women have a coherent message that helps other women feel clear, empowered, BETTER than they have been feeling, and INSPIRED to kick ass from this moment forward. 



We create live shows that helps women tell their own stories through their questions. These questions are answered live by doctors - face to face.

The archived podcasts will enable women to hear perspectives from a number of different sources, from diverse backgrounds and perspective. This is the main story we are telling: YES menopause is different for everyone - but that should not stop the answers we need from coming our way; that should not stop the dollars from funding the myriad of research that still needs to be done; that should not put women in the dog house for feeling how they are feeling; that should NOT stop women from laughing through the experience - and that laughter can only be generated by circumstances changing. More safe places to discuss, more out of the closet stories of "it gets better", and more content generated featuring coherent conversations all kinds of women can relate to and learn from - women from all educational, economic and cultural backgrounds. We can't think of a better time and a stronger medium than live podcasts to create a wave of change for women in the change.

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