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I’m 53 years old. I’ve been in menopause for 5 years. Doing great-ish. Well, it’s been weird. I’ve been wondering what I’m supposed to do about it. Nothing, many say. It will pass. Indeed. I'll deal with it. I’m tough like that. 


News flash: Nobody has to be tough like that.

And THEN I started hearing about this trend - especially among women in underserved and minority communities. Strength abounds, but so do undiagnosed conditions having to do with under-active thyroids, depression, weak bones, and yes, cancer.


Shame. Self-doubt. Flimsy healthcare. Breadcrumbs that have led to an epidemic. Enough is enough.

My entire 25 + career has always been focused on making information accessible to diverse audiences. This topic of women's health 40+ sparked my attention 10 years ago, when I hosted a live podcast episode called Blood Thirsty. It laid the foundation for 'Pause - a series, a movement, a community, a resource, a contribution to the bigger systemic solution: access to the best information and the subsequent appropriate plan for care. 


When one of us feels really good, the ripple effect is huge. Women's health is family health.


For detailed dribble about me, see my interview with Moms Matter and also here are some links. But come  back soon.

So How Does Deborah
Communicate With Others?

We get it. You have not seen her on TV :)  

Deborah's been facilitating and hosting for nearly 30 years.

Here commitment has always been to take complex information and make it as accessible as possible.

Here's a clip from a News Literacy Tour she ran in 2017 - 8 states in 10 days. It shows her style of speaking, and ultimately her passion for engaging the audience.

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