What is Pause?

Pause creates a safe space for candid, respectful dialogue, without anyone flinching or blushing in fear of judgment or alienation. We are a local production company and creator of the Pause Pod Blast, a live podcast and discussion exploring women’s health.


Is Pause a non-profit?

We are not a non-profit. We are a growing organization intended to change the conversations about menopause and women’s health.


Who are you looking to reach?

Women. Specifically women over 40 as they approach their journey into menopause. We are the forty million women who are in what we are coining the ‘invisible club’ -- women who represent all races, cultures and various stages of menopause and are often silent about the changes they’re undergoing.


Because the onset of menopause usually occurs at 51 years of age in a woman's life, many women at this stage live extraordinarily busy lives. Quite often they are employed, caring for aging parents, managing a home and children.  Many are overwhelmed and may not feel that there is time to give thought to a host of physical and emotional changes menopause can bring. This new series, however, provides women the necessary time and space to learn more and participate.


What is a Pod Blast?

The live pod blasts enable women a rare opportunity to delve into a myriad of information specific to menopause particularly concerning the changes  their bodies are undergoing. It also serves as an important forum and welcoming space for women to inquire about the topic regardless of her range of knowledge about menopause.


It’s important to our storytelling that we host these events live. Women’s health can be perceived as a dry, clinical topic and we want to add a deeper level of community and engagement when we tell these stories. We open up the conversation to our guests and audience members to share personal stories, with details on what happened and what they went through.


These very real story arcs pull in and engage our audience from the get-go and listeners will be invited into these stories from wherever they are listening around the world, creating a relatable, curious and empathetic environment for everyone to learn.


What topics are you covering?

We are starting with topics related to menopause. But we will continue to grow into all territory involving women’s health. Our first episode kicked off with a very clear journey into menopause because believe it or not, 75% of women who seek help for menopause-related symptoms are left untreated by their doctor. We wanted to focus on what women can expect of their bodies going into menopause and that its okay to talk about these changes.


We’ll broaden the topics we cover to discuss cardiovascular health and how women can tend to their hearts into menopause, mental health after 40, nutrition related to menopause including the myths and the madness, hormone replacement therapy, sex and menopause. As we build our community and hear real stories from women, we’ll continue to expand our areas of discourse.


What makes up a live recording?

Our live recordings, or Pod Blasts are consistently frank, fun and informative. Each show features conversations with practitioners and the public, along with fun performances that feature art and music inspired by this fertile topic.  


As we continue to grow and hear feedback from our listeners, we will continue to play with the live recording spaces such as the lengths of episodes, traveling to record and more.


Why should women listen to your podcast?

In an online search looking for information on menopause, you will find a number of articles written by hundreds if not thousands of professionals all saying the same things. They’ll mention a few horrible symptoms to expect and include a few tips on changing your diet.


When it comes to menopause, there is a lot of grey area. We are looking to bring some clarity to the space. The semantics are wrong. It’s often talked about as ‘entering’ menopause as if there’s an end. We want to interpret menopause differently. We want women to feel comfortable discussing the changes their bodies are going through. We want our community to feel heard and to know that menopause is as simple as entering a new prime in their lives.


What is your mission?

We are looking to break down the stigmas around having conversations about women’s health. We want women of all ages, particularly over 40 to know that they are not alone.


We are on track to become a mainstay for women looking for answers and community. We’re not only talking about menopause, but also thriving versus surviving. We want to travel the world to hear from women everywhere and cover topics including cancer, osteoporosis, heart health.


What does community mean to Pause?

Community is everything to Pause. We know we are not alone in organizations or initiatives looking to reach women. We are not looking to compete with others for this audience, we want to partner with anyone who is open to having a healthy dialogue around health.  


All women are different but our commonality rules when it comes to our desire to more deeply and practically understand our changing bodies.


Who are your guests?

We invite healthcare professionals to share their professional expertise. We also value the importance of sharing personal stories, so each show features a 10 minute storytelling segment by a storyteller.


We treat our audience as our guests, as we open the conversation up for them to feel comfortable sharing their own personal health stories. In our second live Pod Blast ‘Tending To Our Hearts,’ we invited a woman to kick off the conversation, who is 48-years old who recently had a triple bypass surgery after years of doctors missing her symptoms.


Who created Pause?

Our host, Deborah Pardes, produced literary events, workshops, concerts, and community-based initiatives that amplify the voices of those who are often unheard. In 2016, she founded Arresting Knowledge, a touring workshop that empowers people to think critically about news and media literacy. She is also the founder of the nonprofit Artists for Literacy, founded in 2001, which focuses on adult literacy. Here in Los Angeles, Deborah is the host of Pause Pod Blast - a live podcast dedicated to women’s health. She is also the co-author of Climbing Out for Under: A Handbook For Heartbreak, available on Amazon.


Deborah is a music composer and producer, with 6 CDs to her name. 

Deborah is a graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University and was a chosen participant for The Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars Program. For more on Deborah, visit her website: deborahpardes.com


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