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well, I, um, do a whole lung, colon hydrotherapy in my clinic. And um, that's the first thing I do and recommend my patients to do colon hydrotherapy because many times, 27 feet long colon intestine carries so much toxin. Did you say 27 foot colon? Yes. Long and test. And now we have parasites in there. We have, um, all kinds of a medication. We have Kiwis fat can dda east, you name it. We have so many interesting thing in that it's like jungle in there and we just just, uh, think with uh, you know, having a bowel movement and we'll get rid of things. No, that's not true because it's not true. It is a, it's like a sponge. You just kind of floats inside of your stomach and gets bigger and bigger and, and bigger and uh, throws back at you with your toxic next day.

So the first thing is, is oh, of course, because of the environment to pollution and toxic though, two a day, the whatever we eat. Also, it's nothing natural and nothing organic. Even even organic food is not organic. Although I eat organic. But Wayne is Oregon. It's acid rain. A soil is acidic soil. So how, how is it organic? Is it, you know, so I first thing I do is the recommend the colon hydrotherapy to take, remove everything out maybe three, four times a month. Then have a side effect of that is you will lose weight about five to 10 pounds. That's a side effect. Um, and you remove the 27 feet at all. Um, you don't, I'm thinking we don't need horror films anymore. Just film that colon. Oh yes. I got a lot of pictures. Tapeworms the pinworms to ringworms. So, um, wow. So, uh, one more question here. Um, which is about, uh, it's a kind of an esoteric question, which I think is, we can leave this question answer period with this question to all of us. Is there something kind of magical when heightened in the sensitivity that we actually feel when we have pms and maybe it's for the greater good when you're like, everything's all right and can you use that for better for, for better good.

Oh, that's such, that's such a great, I don't know what set of question. Yeah. So it's a question from Los Angeles, California. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, and we can all towards that when

we have any fluctuation in mood or with our menstrual cycle. Yes. If we're more sensitive that we can use that instead of judging it and use it to do something great or good or increased creativity or learn about ourselves. And that is the greatest gift of all. So absolutely. Hold applause. Sign up for that. Hold on.


um, I have to, um, uh, talk about my culture, which is from Asia. Um, we tend to be submissive, Ubud till menopause and men and there are more aggressive with women. But somehow things turn around when we women turn 50 and menopause, we now we get to express ourselves. And by all means, before we couldn't do that. What are, uh, being submissive bus, whatever. The God's nature has given us a gift to be angry and can be expensive. And so, you know what, I'm not going to do that anymore. But in men, they also go through menopause. And guess what, they kind of start to decline and be a little bit more submissive towards, towards the woman. So I think it kind of balances and, and in a way, so


So right now we're going to have uh, the last two readers from the curse come up and, and grace us with their words and thank you for being such an amazing audience. And while we're doing that, Alicia is going to sit with our two guests and we're going to think of the three quiz questions and I'm going to show you what the prizes are now for the quiz show to get you really excited. Hold on, here we go. I know you're waiting. I know you're wondering. I know you're thinking, what did I get? What am I going to get for being so smart? Well, I can actually, I bought two for the, for our guests. There's a smart food popcorn clusters. Smart gets smart radio. This is for you to thank you so much for coming Dr Ne and Dr. Lee, thank you so much. And I want to again, give huge applause to our tour.


to the amazing, the curse is what, what an amazing book Deanna. At what, what a great

project to

go on the road. I think we'd like a flow, a flow road or something or blood chart blood. Trey, I don't know what we do, but it's a great thing. I'm sure you've thought about it. Um, so we have three questions to ask this audience. There's several hundred people here, so a lot of hands are going to be raised. Um, and uh, here's the first question. I'm going to have doctor navy. The first question,

why is cholesterol important in our diet? I saw that firsthand. Be Right behind you. S Yes. Miss Lady with a beautiful sundress. Yes. It makes estrogen. And you're going to fry

[inaudible] applause.

What is the definition of menopause? You haven't had your period for one year.


I have to look out better with to see people. I need to hear some alkaline foods and some acid foods.


What's that? What of vegetables?

So do you want someone to do, we want someone to have both answers nor for them to win. Okay. Yeah. So I need three alkaline Great. That's all good. Cheryl, we launch right? Or No? Let's help her out because we're a community rock. Broccoli, spinach, asparagus, share this popcorn. What's the other one? That's the one my throwing out to everybody. What is this? [inaudible] you're going to share this with shakes, but share it with everybody else. Um, I think this is, I think what we need to do now is do a group hug. Thank you so much for coming to the 10 guys from our radio show.

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