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I don't know about vagina walls, but I do believe what she's saying is if you don't use it, yes it gets rusty and um, uh, we, I think we should use it every day and if we don't use it every day and who going to bring that back the last time and lost a moment and loss pleasure. So, uh, we should utilize it as much as we can. The natural hormone therapy. Okay. This person is from Berlin, Germany and they write in votes. No, to say. What is the correlation between I didn't do that. What is the correlation between, I can't do accents at all so I'm not going to go there. What is it a quarterly? Who's that? Bruce. My cousin Bruce is here and his phone is still on. That's just typical cousin. What is the correlation? What's the correlation between environmental factors and genetics regarding the onset of menopause? Does one supersede the other?

I think they work together. It's hard to say what supersedes. I think everyone has a genetic propensity towards, you know, maybe when they go through menopause and how they possibly experienced pms. But environment plays a significant role because, I mean, we live in a toxic environment and the more we're exposed to the more estrogens or exposed to can certainly affect, um, our genetics and, and change when we, and how we experience menopause and pms.

Oh, someone whites and also from New York. I guess New York is up late tonight. What are the universal things to avoid that make pms worse?

All right. Sugar, sugar, processed foods. So things in, um, boxes, breads, pastas, cookies, crackers, things that foods that cause it a transient increase in glucose. White Flour, salt can cause more bloating. So yeah, if we can cut the, all of that out, the processed foods and sugars, just being good shape. Kale,

constantly. Kale, Kale, Kale. Um, uh, I think a spicy food would be one. One Major. Uh, I've heard that before. Yes, I see food and alcohol. Um, uh, something that stimulates something that, uh, uh, of course they need kind of a drugs. I'm Kinda, um, I think your body will not be good with that. Okay. Oh, here's a good question from long island and telling you in New York, how universal is it for a cycle to stop after getting off birth control? Um, the neighbor ring they're using, I haven't had my period for three months. Should this be of concern, birth control. Here in America I see young women even in twenties, thirties, uh, even in, in in age 14, 15 for hormonal reasons that they go on birth control. When you go on birth control and you are actually going on menopause, you are stopping, uh, estrogen, progesterone production by taking birth control pills. So you have a sense that synthetically making your, uh, obvious alation each month. So, um, it's um, it's your question again. What was my question? Does God exist or is it just something we are told? Oh, the question. It was about um, uh, birth control after she went off it. She hasn't our period in three months. Yeah. So, so she is in menopause is stay. So I would think that my recommendation is to uh, uh, uh, stop uh, um, birth control. Wait it out.

She did and she hasn't had her period three months long. Will it take for her cycle to regulate?

Okay. Well depending on how long she's been on her birth control. So they say they say she's been on her for 10 years, it's just not going to come back in next month or two months. Cause their body needs to go into the cycle and it'd be healthy and start producing estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and start to function normally as a female. So three months is not an unusual amount of time. No, not at all. If you're a woman don't have it for even a year.

No, she goes, well no, she can still get it. She's obviating during that time. So it can take a little bit of time. I mean some women get their periods right away and some women, again, it can take a couple months and that's pretty, that can be normal. But if you're not on, we're like snowflakes. We are like snowflakes. We are so different. We are different. We are and everyone has to see that. And so a couple months but you know when it gets to be a year, I mean that is a little bit long, but um, if you're obviating you can get pregnant if you're articulating, you should be getting your period you cause if you're not conceiving during that time. So it's hard to say. Does that make sense? Cause I got to confuse luck. But yeah, as long as you're ovulating you can still get pregnant.

But I don't recommend that either. Uh, how bad for it because when you don't, when you don't have a healthy period for next month. I, like I said, I don't know if you're going to be having a healthy baby. So we were like our body to be healthy, have a healthy menstrual cycle and um, even is painful. We want to make sure that we will have regular periods before we planned to conceive. Thank you. From Tucson, Arizona. Mark writes in, my girlfriend is in her mid twenties. What sort of changes in her cycle, her body and her hormones are happening at this stage in her life. Also, how can I contribute positively? God bless you, mark to health during this time and in the future because that to say, let's have an applause for that one.

So if if mark's girlfriend is healthy and vital and feeling good, then her hormone should be optimal. I mean hormones can start to change, but if she's in her mid twenties they should be optimally. She should be feeling good and you can support her by, you know, supporting the menstrual cycle when she gets her period. It's okay. Not Taboo to talk about it. She is period party. You can have a period party. Okay. So we talk about sugar and someone in Santa Cruz, California is sitting there with her bond bonds, eating them right now saying, but why is sugar so bad for periods? But, but, but chocolate helps. Like people feel better when they eat it, but it's bad for you. Can we talk about what that is like? What's happened to the body? Because you feel better when you eat chocolate supposedly, but it's not good for you.

What are you talking about after menopause element here is when you're having your period, when you're, okay. Well, uh, we crave sugar because the sugar is, I mean, it's a glucose and dud turns into cholesterol and cholesterol turns into estrogen. We need estrogen. When we are in lack of estrogen in our body, then we, we, we constantly crave for chocolate, something sweet to produce more estrogen. So, uh, if you, I mean it's, it's really important. Uh, we could sit here all night, talk of until cows come home and, and talk about, you know, what menopause and how to cheat. And I'll, I'll, uh, you know, come over to all the answers, but basically we got to learn how to listen to our body and, and take care of our body. And when we start to crave more sugar, again, that means that you're often iin and Yang and acid and alkaline and sugar and protein.

So it just a, you know, eating downloads to food will be the first step. Great. So in Hollywood, California, they want to know which herbs help with cramps and periods. Which herbs? Crenn bark. Oh, cramp. Yes. Cramp Bark Bark. Right. There was a cramp. Bark. Do you walk into a store and say I need cramp bark called crunch bar. Great. Who Knew? Cramp Bark. Love that. Cramp. Okay. You guys mentioned something about the alkaline balance and can you, someone wants to know what, what is the balance? Like how do you know it's a balance? Okay, well, uh, let's uh, um, uh, to give a few examples of what he's acid then as, as the dissolve opposite of an alkaline acid is a sugar acidosis. Um, even cancer cells or [inaudible] acidosis. But opposite of acid is alkaline act. The line is a, an in food wise it would be, um, they say acid, it would be pasta, bread, cake, um, anything sugar.

Good. Good. Yes, chocolate is, they're all acid. Alcohol. These are all acid, but you need to constantly compensate whatever you eat with alkaline food. But when we look at American, uh, the dish big a stake is acid. Uh, in a way to come and ask you would you like baked potato with out a macaroni with that? That's also acid and what the baked potato, you'll have a cream, uh, what do you call this? Salad cheese. Sour cream. And, and uh, they could beat that's acid and somebody says, oh, we do have alkaline and that, uh, that plate, which is chives, the level chives. Okay. So it's, we have to eat. What is the knack align food? Alkaline food is, is vegetables, vegetables. So we need to eat balanced. Yeah.

Great food. A couple more. And then we have our quiz show. Oh my God. Someone says, oh, by the way, I'm going to answer someone's question without asking you guys. Someone says from Hollywood, California, again, I'm like, God, what about bio identical hormones? They're working for me. What are your thoughts? We mentioned bioidentical hormones and if they're working for you, great is not the answer. Yes, yes. Okay. Um, we mentioned them, but, but that, that's something that, um, can I add one thing please? As long as you know, you're working with someone who's, who's monitoring you and following your levels and you know, in monitoring your hormone levels in your blood, that's important. Okay. All right. Sounds good.

I do not prescribe by identical hormone because I, uh, it's not natural the many, uh, people think it's a natural hormone, but it's not, it's not natural hormone. It's, it's, um, some was kind of fools people, uh, that it's natural, but it's, it's, um, a synthetic hormone and it also has a side effects. And so I don't prescribe that, so please look into that before, uh, if you are all natural all into organic, like I am and ended, I am Kinda not.

That's okay. I mean it's different strokes for different folks and we all help stickball absolutely fine. You know, it's like wearing fake leather and real leather. It's just a, you know, whatever. That's not a good example. What's a good example? Uh, uh, whatever it's potato. Patato I'm, and I think, I think ultimately there is a door we walked through and we really want to feel better and we're not sure what we'll do to get there, but sometimes we make choices. Um, and the wonderful things, both of you are in practice practicing in La and we can all go to both of you and have our council and, and, and get better, which is great. I'm going to see both of you tomorrow. Kalanick we love colonic hydrotherapy. It's so much fun to do with friends. Um, so when you do on hydrotherapy therapy, does it help pms? And this is from Krakow, Liz gentlemen, Krakow, Poland, it can help someone else,

some women with, with pms. Um, I don't routinely, routinely recommended, but if you do it and you like it and it helps you, great. Because it does kind of clean out the colon and it can detox you. So, and that can help with pms. 

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